PFixer works with the default settings on the Behringer BCF-2000/BCR-2000 units using the first preset P-1. If you have a previously-used board that has been customized or altered from the factory defaults, it may not work as expected with PFixer. To ensure your unit works with PFixer you need to do three things:
  1. make sure the emulation mode is set correctly
  2. perform a panic reset
  3. reset the device to factory defaults by sending a SysEx dump to the unit.

Setting the emulation mode of the Behringer BCF-2000/BCR-2000:

Beginning with firmware v1.06 Behringer introduced 4 emulation modes in addition to the standard bControl mode the unit ships with. To set the emulation mode to default, do the following:
  1. Power off the unit
  2. Press and HOLD the first button as indicated below
  3. While continuing to hold the button, power ON the unit
  4. The LCD will read "1.10" (the firmware version) for a short time, then "bC" for a short time
  5. Power OFF the unit
  6. The default emulation mode is now set.

To perform a Panic Reset:

A "Panic Reset" is a built-in function that [according to Behringer] "resets most important MIDI data to their factory settings."
  1. Power ON the unit
  2. Press EDIT and keep it pressed.
  3. Now press EXIT.

PAnC should briefly appear on the display and the Panic reset is now complete.

To (re)set the USB Mode on the Behringer BCF-2000/BCR-2000

Previously used Panels used for music production will often have their USB Mode changed to something other than the default. To ensure the USB Mode is set correctly, perform the following:

  1. Turn the Panel on and wait a few seconds for the display to read "P-1"
  2. Keep the EDIT key pressed and press the STORE key at the same time.
  3. You are now in Global Setup and can release both keys.
  4. You can set the USB Mode by SLOWLY turning the first encoder at the top left of the Panel. The display will cycle between U-1 thru U-4 and S-1 thru S-4.
  5. Turn the encoder until the display reads U-3.
  6. To exit Global Setup, press the EXIT key.

To reset the Behringer BCF-2000/BCR-2000 to factory defaults:

The best way to reset the entire unit (or just a single preset) to factory defaults is by performing a SysEx dump to send the desired configuration to the device:

  1. Download and unzip the file attached below called
  2. The folder will contain 4 sysex files and the SysEx Librarian application (Snoize website)
  3. Launch the SysEx Librarian application.
  4. Decide which SysEx file you want to send to your BCF-2000/BCR-2000:

    PFixer_Panel_Preset_1.syx -- Preset 1 for the BCF-2000
    PFixer_Encoder_Preset_1.syx -- Preset 1 for the BCR-2000

  5. Drag & drop the file you want to use from the Finder into the open SysEx Librarian application window:

  6. With the BCF-2000/BCR-2000 connected via USB to your computer, turn on the device.

  7. In the SysEx Librarian window, select Port 1 from the list.

  8. Make sure the device is set to Preset 1 (the LCD panel will read "P- 1").

  9. Click the Play button in the SysEx Librarian. This will perform a SysEx dump of the selected file to your unit.

  10. Once complete, press the Store button -- the Store button should start flashing.

  11. To Save the new data to your device, press the Store button again.

  12. Your device is now set up to work with PFixer.

  13. Close the SysEx Librarian application.

More Information / References / Downloads:

SysEx Downloads (see BELOW)