Yes, there is a fairly easy way to make these adjustments with the PFixer Panel and Encoder.

For each fader/encoder, you can set the min/max values of the slider or knob. For example, you can have the fader range go from 42-99 instead of the standard MIDI values of 0-127. This won't change the resolution of the changes sent to LR, but it will make the full length of the fader operate across a smaller range of values, which in most cases will allow for more precise adjustments.

With both the PFixer Panel (Behringer BCF-2000) and PFixer Encoder (Behringer BCR-2000), it's easiest to make these kinds of modifications from the device itself. It works well and is easy:
  • Hold the Edit button and turn the knob you want to edit, then let the Edit button go.
  • Turn the encoders along the top of the device which correspond to the parameter you want to edit. Encoders 4 and 5 contain the min and max values for faders and encoders.
  • To see the stored value without editing it, simply click the encoder.
  • Press the Exit button when you are done editing that control.
  • Repeat for any other controls.
There is a 4-page, letter-sized insert that contains full instruction on pages 2-3. The insert is labelled: BCF/R2000 PRESETS.